[ntp:questions] Manycast

Evandro Menezes evandro at mailinator.com
Mon Nov 2 15:42:38 UTC 2009

I'm trying to figure out how to get manycast working, so I set up 3
computers to be clients:

disable auth
enable bclient
tos orphan 8

And one computer to be a server:

disable auth
server   pool.ntp.org iburst
server 0.pool.ntp.org
server 1.pool.ntp.org
server 2.pool.ntp.org
server 3.pool.ntp.org

Nevertheless, the clients just never synchronize with the server.

Sometimes, if a client is powered on, it does find the server, however
sometimes it drops the association to never find the server again.

I'm using 4.2.4p7 in all 4 computers.

What gives?


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