[ntp:questions] Keeping NTP Honest Redux

Terje Mathisen Terje.Mathisen at tmsw.no
Fri Nov 6 21:10:02 UTC 2009

Evandro Menezes wrote:
> I've come to the conclusion that since NTP doesn't correct for
> temperature variations, it's long-term compensation is counter-
> productive.  Therefore, instead of letting the poll period increase to
> the default 1024s, perhaps it'd be best to limit it to 64s.  However,
> this requires that each server has the option maxpoll attached to it.
> It'd be more convenient to have set this parameter for all servers
> from a single place, such as the old tinker maxpoll option.
> So, why was tinker maxpoll removed?  Any chance to get it back in?

Maybe because the algorithms have been optimized to get the best 
possible time with minimum load on the servers?

Making it more convenient to lock polling at 64s isn't a good idea, imho.


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