[ntp:questions] ntpdc +"time since reset:"

David Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Nov 7 16:05:51 UTC 2009


The time since reset is the time since the statistics were reset and the 
sysstats monitoring file updated, which occurs once per hour.  See the 
documentation on monitoring commands. This feature is designed for very 
busy server such as those operated by NIST, USNO, and intended as early 
warning detector of clogging attacks.


Laurent Archambault wrote:

>Hello all, my question is probably always asked, sorry for this, but i don't
>see an explain for this :
>Example : When i use ntpd-4.2.4P6 compiled the "time since restart" and
>"time since reset: " are equal very often.
>But i use ntp-4.2.4p7 under the last Ubuntu and compiled by myself and the
>"time since reset" do not exceed 3600 sec ... it's good for me, because all
>numbers are light.
>But i will known how change this value (3600) . Many thanks for this.
>ntpdc -c sysstats localhost
>time since restart:     473049
>time since reset:       1449
>packets received:       13

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