[ntp:questions] Keeping NTP Honest Redux

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Mon Nov 9 07:24:43 UTC 2009

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> "David J Taylor" 
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>>>>NTPD is at its best from about 2300 local time to 0700 local time. The
>>>>net quiets down and NTP packets travel with minimal and highly
>>>>predictable delays.
>>> Except at 3 AM when the cron jobs go off and warm up the system.
>>Many such temperature variations must have a fairly strong 24-hour 
>>component, so would there be an improvement in performance if NTP could
>>remember the frequency (or whatever) averaged over, say, the last seven
>>days, and use this as an expected base value?
> except or course weekends, and that Friday when siddenly that damn 500 
> page
> report is due and you have written 2 pages so far.
> Far better for ntp to have measurements of the internal temp and use 
> those to
> compensate.

Yes, Bill, I have some very simple measurements here:


where you can see NTP offset (with a LAN source) plotted next to hard disk 
temperature (the easiest thing I could measure).  In the absence of an 
accurate measure of temperature (in the right area of the system), I still 
think a history (or two - weekday and weekend) would be a worthwhile 


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