[ntp:questions] Stratum 1 configuration hints

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 12 19:24:15 UTC 2009

shane-dated-2009 at csy.ca wrote:
> Hey all,
> I am running a stratum 1 server (Garmin 18 LVC) on Linux and think I have it
> humming pretty smoothly at this point. Offset around 8 US and jitter 1-2US.
> The GPS is the only clock source though and I'm wondering whether a stratum
> 1 server should peer with others. If so, do I need to go hunt down stratum 1
> servers willing to peer or can I use otherwise unconnected stratum 2-3
> servers such as are in the NTP pool? At stratum 1, should peer or server be
> used?
> This is very much a hobby project for me, not a serious thing though I am
> perfectly willing to add to the public ntp server list but I don't think
> this rig would qualify to peer with the nist or usno servers or any such
> thing so I'm hoping stratum 1 peering isn't necessary.
> Thanks,
> Shane

Check your contract with your ISP.  Mine prohibits operating a server!

If you are allowed to operate a server, for every thrifty, clean, brave, 
reverent and honest person who wants to use your server there will be 
fifty to one hundred who are not so qualified!  At last report, there 
were several hundred thousand idiots each of whom were banging on the 
NIST NTP servers every two seconds!  Perhaps 0.01% of these are serving 
the time so obtained to others.

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