[ntp:questions] 500ppm - is it too small?

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Thu Nov 12 23:31:37 UTC 2009

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>Unruh wrote:
>> one might advise everyone to get a temperature controlled
>>  hydrogen maser to keep time.

>If it is that important to you, that you keep frequency
> that stable, I would guess you might do that.

Nope. ntp keeps my time accurate to better than 5usec which is good
enough for me ( even though ?naturally " it would gain time at 80PPM or
1 sec/day) That is precisely why I use ntp or chrony. Because I do not
have an atomic clock, but can use GPS to still give me usec accuracy.
That is precisely why ntp was invented. To enable cheap hardware to
deliver high precision time. 

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