[ntp:questions] question regarding NTP configuration for clusters, and "cluster time" stability

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Fri Nov 20 21:56:06 UTC 2009

rotordyn at yahoo.com wrote:
> Look at it this way: We produce a system (in the form
>  of a cluster) that works today, but that can drift away
>  from UTC since it currently doesn't accept any external
>  time reference.  That drift isn't a huge issue, but over
>  the multi-year lifespan of the hardware, can be significant.
> If we allow the use of external NTP servers, we now have
>  opened up what was a closed system, and must prevent that
>  new input source from causing instability. ...
> An alternate approach would be to make our cluster
>  software resilient to intra-node time variations, but it
>  was deemed simpler to use NTP to have the cluster accept
>  an external UTC source.


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