[ntp:questions] FreeBSD or Windows-7 - which to install first?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 3 17:06:50 UTC 2010

David J Taylor wrote:
> Folks,
> After our discussions earlier this month, and the failure of my older 
> FreeBSD PC, I have decided to get a new compact PC based on the Intel 
> Atom, which will be used mostly for time serving as a stratum-1 server 
> (GPS/PPS), but occasionally as a Windows-7 test-bed.  So the question 
> arises - which order to install the two operating systems?
> A - Install FreeBSD and add Windows-7?
> B - Install Windows-7 and then add FreeBSD?
> I'm much more comfortable with Windows-7, so I'm tempted by route (B), 
> and I suspect that FreeBSD may play better as being the second OS than 
> Windows-7 would.  I'm very open to comments.
> Thanks,
> David

It has been something like eight years since I last did something like 
this.  IIRC, I installed windows first and allocated ~1/2 the available 
disk space to Windows.  I then installed Solaris 8.


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