[ntp:questions] Intel Atom FreeBSD server up and running

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Fri Apr 9 05:56:16 UTC 2010

As discussed here over the last few weeks, I now have my Intel Atom 
FreeBSD server up and running:


I was able to make it dual-boot with Windows (which proved very helpful 
for test purposes) by installing FreeBSD first, then Windows-7, and then 
using EasyBCD to edit the boot data to add in the FreeBSD.

My thanks to Ryan Doyle for his notes on FreeBSD 8.0, and on recompiling 
the kernel to add PPS support.


I guess this is working OK from these figures.  I saw a ~9 microsecond 
offset step this morning when the central heating switched on.



pll offset:           0.007554 s
pll frequency:        24.759 ppm
maximum error:        0.002026 s
estimated error:      2e-006 s
status:               2107
pll time constant:    4
precision:            1e-006 s
frequency tolerance:  496 ppm
pps frequency:        24.759 ppm
pps stability:        0.024 ppm
pps jitter:           0.00159 s
calibration interval: 256 s
calibration cycles:   208
jitter exceeded:      19
stability exceeded:   0
calibration errors:   2

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I could confirm this is about what 
is expected for a system with kernel PPS?


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