[ntp:questions] Building FreeBSD V8.0 kernel for PPS

G8KBV dave at g8kbv.removethis.demon.co.uk
Tue Apr 13 20:40:27 UTC 2010

Hi all again.

I'm still trying to follow the instructions at:-

As earlier, so far so good (if after several tries, eventualy getting 
FreeBSD loaded and running) I'm at the stage of enabling PPS support in 
the kernel.


After successfully adding 'options PPS_SYNC' to the PPSGENERIC file, at 
the end of the other options declerations (using vim!)  And checking 
it's 'stuck' in there.

When I 'make buildkernel KENRCONF=PPSGENERIC'

Nowt happens, except a short error message to the effect that it doesnt 
know how to build the kernel.

Err, what!????

I did have to go back into sysinstall, to download and install the 
system sources, but after that, right up to the make buildkernel.... 
command, all had gone as described.

So, what's missing, and where how can I get it.

Anyone here know what went wrong, or do I go looking for a newbie 
friendly f'bsd group (not found one of those yet.)


Dave B.

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