[ntp:questions] Building FreeBSD V8.0 kernel for PPS

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Wed Apr 14 07:04:53 UTC 2010

> Hi all again.
> I'm still trying to follow the instructions at:-
> http://blog.doylenet.net/?p=145
> I did have to go back into sysinstall, to download and install the
> system sources, but after that, right up to the make buildkernel....
> command, all had gone as described.
> So, what's missing, and where how can I get it.
> Anyone here know what went wrong, or do I go looking for a newbie
> friendly f'bsd group (not found one of those yet.)
> Cheers.
> Dave B.


Sorry to hear you're having problems.  Those instructions had worked for 
me.  IIRC, I had downloaded the "kernel developer" set of files when 
installing FreeBSD.  Perhaps you're missing a compiler or a linker?

To get a log of the session, you could login remotely over SSH.  Enable 


and then see:


I use the TeraTerm Pro (free) Windows terminal emulator with this SSH 


At least you can the cut-and-paste the last few lines with the error.


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