[ntp:questions] Building FreeBSD V8.0 kernel for PPS

Dave Baxter spam at goes.nowhere.com
Wed Apr 14 08:50:55 UTC 2010

In article <82klvaF1h6U1 at mid.individual.net>, snews at lordynet.org says...
> G8KBV wrote:
> > So, what's missing, and where how can I get it.
> > 
> > Anyone here know what went wrong, or do I go looking for a newbie 
> > friendly f'bsd group (not found one of those yet.)
> I've just downloaded the sources onto my NetBSD system
> "ftp ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/i386/8.0-RELEASE/src/"
> "mget ssys.[a-d]*"
> "mget sbase.[a-d]*"
> then unpacked to src directory.
> It's mentioned in README that you might need to build world
> before you can buildkernel.
> That's not something to look forward to :-(
> A few weeks ago a netbsd buildworld took my p4-2400 system
> around 12 hours to complete although I had it niced to low
> priority.
> It's also worth looking at the files UPDATING and Makefile.


I'll try the 'build world' (Exact syntax?) thing, but perhaps this is 
becoming less than practical, as the machine is a P3/700 with only 
256MEG of Ram, and a 15Gig drive.  (A Gateway E1400, one of these...

I was under the impression from prior comments that FreeBSD etc, was 
good for older lower power machines.  But if you need turbo nutterbuster 
PC's to build it in the first place, just to enable PPS ????

The kettle call's.

Dave B

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