[ntp:questions] Building FreeBSD V8.0 kernel for PPS

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Wed Apr 14 09:24:27 UTC 2010

> Hi
> As I had told it during the main OS install, not to enable remote
> logins, sshd and all that (as I do not intend to remote admin the thing,
> as I have a KVM switch between 4 machines!)  I think yet another
> protracted full clean install would be needed to do much of that.  :(
> I do not have another two/three days to waste at this time.
> Missing compiler?  could be, but it successfully did the 'vim' thing,
> building Perl or Python (whatever) and something else huge in the
> process. (three hours in total!)
> I've also got the same question running on one FreeBSD group, so will
> see what comes back from there too.
> Regards.
> Dave B.


I think you may find that SSH is already installed, and simply needs to be 

Open /etc/rc.conf and add the line:


Reboot.  Worth a try.  Only a couple of minutes.

Agreed that a missing compiler is unlikely.


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