[ntp:questions] Building FreeBSD V8.0 kernel for PPS

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Wed Apr 14 09:56:33 UTC 2010

Dave Baxter wrote:

> I'll try the 'build world' (Exact syntax?) thing, but perhaps this is 
> becoming less than practical, as the machine is a P3/700 with only 
> 256MEG of Ram, and a 15Gig drive.  (A Gateway E1400, one of these...
> http://support.gateway.com/s/manuals/servers/eseries/8504419.pdf)
> I was under the impression from prior comments that FreeBSD etc, was 
> good for older lower power machines.  But if you need turbo nutterbuster 
> PC's to build it in the first place, just to enable PPS ????

When I built a linux kernel for first time (1993?) it took a
couple of days. That such a process completes successfully
was a real confidence booster. Fortunately since then the
performance of systems I've used for building has increased
faster than size of kernels/system and even buildworld isn't
a problem. What is annoying though is when a change to config
isn't picked up as an error by "configure" and expected 12hr
compile fails after 11hr+ and has to be repeated with some
logging to display the error.


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