[ntp:questions] how to have offset < 1ms

nemo_outis abc at xyz.com
Thu Apr 15 00:19:53 UTC 2010

Rick Jones <rick.jones2 at hp.com> wrote in news:hq5fhj$4e3$1

> nemo_outis <abc at xyz.com> wrote:
>> Well, no, not exactly as you point out.  For the (potential)
>> problems you point out (and we're both speculating here)
> Agreed, we are both speculating.
>> have little to do with using a GPS sensor, per se, but rather with
>> cobbling up a *separate and independent network* for transmission
>> and propagation of the GPS signals within/through the ship.  Once
>> again we're back to network problems, not GPS/timekeeping ones.
> Will you agree that is part of the GPS-based solution?

It might be, it might not. It depends on where the GPS puck is and where 
its signal is going.  For instance, it might be just a matter of getting 
the GPS signal to a RS232 port with no ethernet networking involved.

However, the "GPS problem" is now moot. The OP has now made clear that both 
his primary time source (the ACEB box) and his PC are "near" each other, 
with only one switch (a Cisco 4510R) intervening.

As the ACEB box is "good enough" for his timekeeping objectives, he *only* 
has a networking problem to solve.


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