[ntp:questions] how to have offset < 1ms

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Thu Apr 15 09:59:34 UTC 2010

Can I just repeat that what the OP probably wants is a maximum error of 
1ms, not a maximum "offset" of 1ms.  If the high latency responses are 
infrequent, it is actually possible that he is already achieving the 
first objective!

The other side of this is that, in the general case, ntpd cannot 
guarantee hard real time behaviour, even if given a couple of days to 
stabilise.  If you want anything better than 90 percentile guarantees, 
you need to perform a detailed analysis of the scheduling behaviour of 
all components in the system.  It is almost certain that that
information will be trade secrets for some of the components.

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