[ntp:questions] Cheap ($29.90) GPS receiver

Terje Mathisen "terje.mathisen at tmsw.no" at ntp.org
Mon Apr 19 12:22:22 UTC 2010

Uwe Klein wrote:
> Terje Mathisen wrote:
>> David J Taylor wrote:
>>> "John Hasler" <> wrote in message
>>> news:87zl10gw35.fsf_-_ at thumper.dhh.gt.org...
>>>> This might be of some interest to some here:
>>>> <http://www.cutedigi.com/product_info.php?products_id=4289&osCsid=9ae21b081e2ab66b39df0a026ff471a8>
>> The pinout diagrams show no PPS pin, and no free/unused pin either.
>> If the normal/sleep pin could be converted from an input sleep signal
>> to an output PPS pulse, then it would work, but I don't think that is
>> likely.
>> :-(
>> Terje
> http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/images/product/sr-92.pdf
> looks like sending of the GPZDA sentence is synced to (internal) PPS
> ask the manufacturer?

It would still be limited to the resolution of the rs232 clock, i.e. 
~1ms, instead of the ~1us we usually get from PPS receivers.

OTOH, for many users 1-3 ms might be just fine, and statistical 
processing might make it stable at the sub-ms level, but with unknown 
absolute offset.


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