[ntp:questions] Reference Clock driver for getting time via "date" command over telnet?

Movis ben at internetaddress.com
Wed Apr 21 20:06:51 UTC 2010


There appears to be a misunderstanding. Perhaps I could have worded my
question more specifically, and not written the title as such. The
issue is not one of security, and I did not state that it was. While
most people would not choose to do this, it is simply the case that I
have made the assessment that this solution would suit my needs and I
seek to implement it.

Also, I do not expect anyone to go to any considerable effort on my
behalf. I agree that would not benefit most users. I simply wonder
whether there is already the functionality in Linux to throw the
stdout of one program into a device which can be seen by another
program as a serial port. I am happy to devise a way making behave
like a clock .

That is all I'm looking for. If you have any suggestions please do
offer them.



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