[ntp:questions] NTP client with ability to write Windows NT system time to hardware clock?

Rob nomail at example.com
Sun Dec 12 11:07:46 UTC 2010

Brolin Empey <brolin at brolin.be> wrote:
> David Woolley wrote:
>> unruh wrote:
>>> On 2010-12-11, Jan Ceuleers <janspam.ceuleers at skynet.be> wrote:
>>>> Piece of feedback below.
>>>> There's no way I'm going to read all that. If you have a question for
>>>> us, please can you put it a little more succinctly? Thanks.
> Actually, I /did/ write my question succinctly at the end of my post.

I think your post was very clear and I learned something from it that
I did not know.  You clearly formulated what you want.

Don't bother with Jan Ceuleers.  There will always be people who don't
read your post because they don't feel like it, and there is no need
to post that fact in a followup.

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