[ntp:questions] MSF outages

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Thu Dec 30 17:33:04 UTC 2010

> Hi
> I have an MSF clock from a converted Conrad DCF module
> that has been ticking for over for most of 2010. I've
> been  assembling a DIY receiver but keep hitting a brick
> wall. On looking back at logs from my Conrad module now
> see that the 'brick walls' were all at periods when MSF
> was not being received by the Conrad module either.
> I can understand the service being down due to the
> severe weather but there is no indication of this on NPL
> MSF status page.
> Anyone else having problems receiving MSF?
> Today the modulation level appears to less than 50%
> rather than on-off modulation.
> David


I've also had no notification of any problems, or at least of any planned 
outages.  The consumer-quality MSF-driven clocks here are all reporting 
"full signal", and appear to be within a second of the correct time, but 
of course that says nothing about the modulation level, and being near to 
real time may just result from having a half-decent crystal!

Afraid I don't' have a "proper" receiver going that low, and there's too 
much local interference to see what's coming out of a "tuned" ferrite rod 
antenna around all the PCs.


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