[ntp:questions] MSF outages

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Thu Dec 30 17:34:34 UTC 2010

"David Lord" <snews at lordynet.org> wrote in message 
news:uhpuu7-jvs.ln1 at p4x2400c.home.lordynet.org...
> Anyone else having problems receiving MSF?
> Today the modulation level appears to less than 50%
> rather than on-off modulation.

My big MSF rx at work was OK today when I looked - was showing lock on both 
modules in East London, and I have nothing to tell me the one in South 
London was playing up (Although due to a fault) its only running on 1 rx 
module at the moment.

I don't get any real tech info out of it - its either locked or not (well 
there's a few things between those end posts) but we have not been aware of 
anything since the last planned MSF outage.

I'm also not aware of anything that's upset the JaNET MSF based ntp server 
today. (Though I don't know where it lives physically anymore)

Where are you located anyway? 

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