[ntp:questions] Intel Atom systems as GPS/PPS stratum-1 servers

Casper H.S. Dik Casper.Dik at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 8 11:05:58 UTC 2010

Terje Mathisen <"terje.mathisen at tmsw.no"> writes:

>David J Taylor wrote:
>> "Terje Mathisen" <"terje.mathisen at tmsw.no"> wrote in message
>> news:rved67-cod1.ln1 at ntp.tmsw.no...
>>> David J Taylor wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have any experience with Intel Atom systems as stratum-1
>>>> servers from a serial GPS/PPS source? Perhaps using FreeBSD. Is there
>>>> anything fundamental in these processors or their chipsets which
>>>> prevents full-precision performance being obtained? Any chipsets to
>>>> avoid?
>>> I haven't seen any of those tiny Atom systems (like an Asus Eee Box)
>>> with a serial port?
>>> Terje
>> Yes, they are few and far between. I was thinking of something like:
>> http://www.fit-pc.co.uk/meet-fit-pc-2i.html

>Seems you need an adapter for the non-standard RS232 port connector?

>The price is also significantly higher, but "the size is right" :-)

The mini-ITX parts mostly have a RS232 port:


but some have only a header on the motherboard.

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