[ntp:questions] GPS 18 LVC (Ground Wire Question)

Alby google at empire.org
Mon Mar 15 14:02:25 UTC 2010

I'm attempting to build my own Stratum-1 Server using a Garmin GPS 18
After splicing out the wires, I have the following:

Thin Yellow Wire
Thin White Wire
Thin Green Wire
(2) Thin Black Wires
Thick Black Wire
Thick Red Wire

 My question is based on the (2) Thin Black Wires. Why do I have 2
thin black wires and not (1) thin black wire?
Should I splice both thin black wires together and use them a 1 wire?
Or does each thin black wire serve a purpose
and I need to figure out which one is Ground and which one the other
is used for?


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