[ntp:questions] Quick sync between two computers not connected to the internet

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Mon Mar 22 09:38:10 UTC 2010

"pc" <Paul.Croome at softwareag.com> wrote in message 
news:9d912d64-b725-46a2-bc21-a91070e0c695 at z4g2000yqa.googlegroups.com...
> Has anybody noticed the first word in cnoyes2's subject line:
> "Quick" ?
> NTP can take hours to settle, and is better suited to configurations
> where
> the computers run 24*7.
> How quickly do you need to achieve sync? How often are the PCs
> switched off
> and cold-started?
> Paul

If sync within 128msec is good enough, then NTP could be said to be 
"instant".  cnoyes2 didn't specific an accuracy, I believe.


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