[ntp:questions] NTPv4 Peer Event Codes - secret decoder ring sought

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hp.com
Mon Mar 22 22:09:15 UTC 2010

Joseph Gwinn <joegwinn at comcast.net> wrote:
> In article <slrnhq850s.183.unruh at wormhole.physics.ubc.ca>,
>  unruh <unruh at wormhole.physics.ubc.ca> wrote:
> > On 2010-03-19, David Mills <mills at udel.edu> wrote:
> > > That's a typo; event 16 does not exist. Glad you caught that.
> > Pretty elaborate typo. Did they mean to give it a number other
> > than 16, or were 50 letters somehow mistyped?

> Ahh, be nice.  We all know perfectly well how such things happen.

When it comes to this bikeshed I'm not sure I'd have called that a
typo either.  Htis is a tyop.

Call it a cut-and-paste error, call it a bug.  Heck, call it an honest
mistake or even an "oops."

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