[ntp:questions] Quick sync between two computers not connected to the internet

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On 2010-03-19, Joe Wulf <joe_wulf at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Group,
> With due humbleness and respect to both 'cnoyes2' (the original author) and Steve Kosteke---I would think he (cnoyes2) isn't concerned with whether the clocks are monotonic (whatever that is).
> I understand and fully agree that unmanaged clocks, which are not 
> sync'd to an authoritative time-source will drift, and it can get 
> horrible and other bad things can happen.  Got that.
> What seems to get lost, and admittedly not explained very well---hence 
> my attempt here.... is that there are many situations these days where 
> folks are developing, working, troubleshooting real-world problems in 
> environments big and small that are deliberately isolated (and rightfully so)---and 
> just don't have the luxury of an authoritative time-source  --  but just want time to 'work' and be sync'd.  They are not going to get an authoritative time-source.  They are not knowledgeable/experienced 

I am sorry, but getting an authoritative time source is trivial. A
GPS18x is cheap ( a lot less than you have spent on your salary in these
postings) reliable and easy. If they do not need the microsecond
precision of PPS, they can get a serial or usb version and get
millisecond precision, which is probably all they need.  

> with ntp (raises my own hand high here).  They need meaningful technical advice (ideally from this community), broken down into layman's 
> terms, on how to establish 'the best that can be possible' in a private 
> environment knowing it will never get to have an authoritative 
> time-source.

Why not?

> In other words---how can we broaden folks knowledge of ntp, in enjoyable ways, tell them first what they CAN do and solve their ntp problems along the way?

They are being told what they can do. 

> R,
> -Joe Wulf
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>  ProSync Technology Group, LLC
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>> > I'm trying to sync the time on 2 Windows XP computers that are not on
>> > the internet and never will be. For testing purposes, they need to
>> > have the same time. The time does not need to be accurate.
>> You're not concerned about whether or not the clocks are stable or monotonic?
>> Steve Kostecke

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