[ntp:questions] Autokey configuration

jacek igalson igalson at neptune.zit.tpnet.pl.cutthisout
Tue Mar 30 12:50:21 UTC 2010


My question concerns  Autokey configuration. I followed the instructions 
contained in: http://psp2.ntp.org/bin/view/Support/ConfiguringAutokey

I have chosen unicast association and identity scheme: IFF.

I went through the installation and got the authentication status ok in the 
column auth. My flags = 0x87f01 and differs from this which is in the Guide 
( 0x83f21 ). What does that mean?

I have looked at packets which are exchanged between client and server and 
do not see any field containing Key/Algorithm Identifier and Message Hash. 
All my packets are ended by Transmit Timestamp.

I have taken data by snoop, which I started before ntp daemon.

How and when Challenge Request and Challenge Response are exchanged between 
client and server ?  Are they somewhere hidden?

Thank you in advance for an explanation.


Jacek Igalson

igal (at) mars.zit.tpnet.pl

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