[ntp:questions] Sync issue

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Sun Sep 12 15:33:51 UTC 2010

Andy Wright wrote:

> Virtual machines usually have their own RTC and NTP is essential for
> logging system information in conjunction with NTP synchronization logs
> to adhere to the policies of businesses or organizations.

Virtual machines have a virtualisation of the physical machine's clock.

Most software timing does not use the RTC, except at boot up, although I 
seem to remember that there is an option of using the RTC for ntpd and a 
virtual machine's RTC is more likely to reflect the underlying physical 
machine's RTC than the software clocks are to track each other.

To the extent that there are legal requirements, I feel that is an issue 
that the virtual machine environments need to address, not somthing they 
should force onto the users.

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