[ntp:questions] ntpd

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Tue Aug 2 15:26:34 UTC 2011

On 7/29/2011 9:47 AM, Valera wrote:
> Hello.
> I have some issues with ntp-4.2.6p3 package which was downloaded from
> www.ntp.org
> I did all build stages such as: ./configure and make. After that I tried
> to execute obtained ntpd binary file with arguments "-p
> /var/run/ntpd.pid -g". Full execution string is: sudo
> ~/ntp-4.2.6p3/ntpd/ntpd -p /var/run/ntpd.pid -g
> The ntpd binary file related to my ubuntu 11.04 reliase works and
> syncronizes time with default ubuntu time servers fine. But ntpd from
> ntp-4.2.6p3 works without any visible issues but didn't syncronize local
> time with time servers.
> Both servers were executed with the same argument strings and the same
> configureation files. I think that this issue may be related to
> configuration(in config.h for example) but can't find the place.
> Best wishes.

I installed a prebuilt ntp package on ubuntu last week using apt-get. It
gave me 4.2.6p2. Do you know what you got?

I did have to fix the ntp.conf file because they did not use any iburst
lines and I did change it to use the pool option rather than server
option to fetch a number of addresses to use. Are you using the ubuntu
configuration unchanged?

Did you run ntpq -p to see what if anything you are getting for servers?
Can you post it here?


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