[ntp:questions] Receiving a message with imsg type - 15

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Fri Aug 26 03:03:06 UTC 2011

On 8/25/2011 9:33 AM, adline.dsilva at wipro.com wrote:
> Hi all,
>        I'm new to NTP. Currently I'm facing an issue where, during
> shutdown my client application is receiving a message from ntp demon
> with message type 15. Since this is an unexpected message type, my
> application crashes. Not always ntpd sends this message. Chances of
> getting a message are once or twice out of 20-25 trys. Can anyone help
> why I'm receiving a ntp message with message type 15? 

What client are you using? What ntp server are you using? What O/S's?
There is no such thing as a imsg type 15 in the NTP protocol. See RFC
5905. NTP protocol does not use imsg types at all. The NTP packet types
are defined in the RFC and that is the only type of packet an NTP server
will use.

> expected message types are:
> enum imsg_type {
>                 IMSG_NONE,
>                 IMSG_ADJTIME,
>                 IMSG_ADJFREQ,
>                 IMSG_SETTIME,
>                 IMSG_HOST_DNS
> };
An NTP server has no way of telling you what to do since it is up to the
client to make that decision based on the timestamps it receives. It
certainly cannot say anything about DNS since that's up to the client to
decide what to query. Whatever you are doing has nothing to do with NTP
no matter what the implementation.

> Thanks & Regards,
> Adline.
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I don't think so. This is a public forum and anything you transmit here
is not only public but also indexed by the various search engines. Keep
this kind of signatures for confidential messages, not that they have
any value anyway.


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