[ntp:questions] Odd behaviour in a multicast setting (bug in ntpd???)

Marco Marongiu brontolinux at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 07:57:10 UTC 2011

Hi Harlan, thanks for replying.

Please find my comments inline.

Il 29/08/2011 21:01, Harlan Stenn ha scritto:
> If you are only using IPv4 you might be OK staying at 4.2.6p2 on the
> server.  Otherwise I would recommend upgrading to 4.2.6p3 (or the latest
> RC for 4.2.6p4).

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. We are only using IPv4 at the moment,
yes, so this is not in scope for the problem at hand. But we have
another environment, which is IPv6 only, where we'll use 4.2.6p3 (or
higher, depending on when we'll do the implementation).

> While we look a bit deeper, there may be other benefits to trying more
> recent software on your client machines as well.

That could be. The point is: if I install a newer version on clients,
I'll have to restart ntpd, and once I restart it, it will probably work
(like all the other times we restarted them) and tell us nothing about
the problem.

Thank you (and others) for all the help you can provide on this issue.

-- Marco

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