[ntp:questions] Setting back-up network servers to minpoll 10 automatically when sychronizied to a referrence clock.

Edward T. Mischanko etm1962 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 13 13:53:27 UTC 2011

I am using GPS with PPS as my primary time source.  I don't want 
to set my back-up network servers to minpoll 10 in the 
configuration because if the GPS ever fails the servers would be 
fixed at minpoll 10.  I propose an enhancement to the current NTPD 
functions:  Have NTPD automatically set network clocks to minpoll 
10 when using a stratum 0 clock as a time refference.  This would 
cut network traffic and server load while still allowing a minpoll 
6 setting or lower in the configuration to be used if the 
refference clock ever fails. 

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