[ntp:questions] Arcron (type 27) driver users needed

Dave Hart hart at ntp.org
Thu Jul 21 03:33:00 UTC 2011

If you use the refclock_arc.c driver (127.127.27.*) please reply to me
and mention which receiver and radio station you use.  The driver
supports MSF, DCF, and WWVB.

I'm asking because five years ago, a bug report was filed indicating
the driver was dependent on the system's time zone, when it should be
independent of it.  The driver maintainer provided a patch, and the
reporter of the bug said it cured his problem.  Then, unfortunately,
the bug was dropped on the floor and the fix never integrated into the
distributed ntpd sources.  Details at:


Harlan and I are embarrassed by the oversight and would like to
resolve it, but also aware the proposed fix is not
backwards-compatible and risks breaking currently-functioning setups.
Additionally, we are both leery of making changes to a reference clock
driver without adequate testing.  I would like to see the change
tested against several radio stations and with the system timezone set
to UTC and local time.

Dave Hart

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