[ntp:questions] Failure of NIST Time Servers

Eugen COCA ecoca at eed.usv.ro
Sat Jun 4 07:42:38 UTC 2011

In my opinion, transmitting the time with an offset of about 680
seconds with "... some of the systems transmitted the wrong time
without this indication." (unhealthy indicator), is a bit
unprofessional. Of course, it is the users' sole responsibility to
configure his/her time servers in order to avoid these things.

I'm thinking for you to post a messages stating that "such a behavior
will never happen in the future as we discovered the bug and corrected


On May 27, 11:16 pm, jlevine <jlev... at boulder.nist.gov> wrote:
> The primary and backup ACTS servers that are used to synchronize the
> Internet time servers to the atomic clock ensemble in Boulder failed
> on Wednesday 24 May at about 1900 UTC (1300 MDT). The failure
> affected
> 11 of the 35 NIST Internet time servers, and the time transmitted by
> the affected servers was wrong by up to 680 seconds. In most cases,
> the incorrect time was accompanied by the unhealthy indicator, but
> some
> of the systems transmitted the wrong time without this indication. The
> other 24 servers were not affected. In some cases, one of the physical
> servers at a site was affected while the others were not, so that
> repeated requests to the public site address resulted in time messages
> that differed by up to 680 seconds.
> The ACTS servers have been fully repaired as of 27 May, 1800 UTC (1200
> MDT),
> and all of the servers should be resynchronized within a few hours.
> There
> may be a transient error of up to 10 milliseconds during this period.
> I apologize for this failure, and I regret the problems and
> inconvenience
> that have resulted.
> Judah Levine
> jlev... at boulder.nist.gov

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