[ntp:questions] Atomic Signal Transmitter/Repeater???

Chris Albertson albertson.chris at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 15:17:54 UTC 2011

I'm actually working(slowly) on something like this.  A good sixe
antennal will go up inside a 20 foot tall pole in the back fence.
This will receive the 60KHz signal from WWWV Ft. Collins, Co.  There
are several antenna types but I've found a 4" loopstick works here.
Them the signal is converted to a binary time code and put on a RS442
serial cable.   rs442 is good for at least 1,000 feet.

But if all you want is an accurate clock, any cell phone is pretty
good, iPhones and iPads stay on-time most people now have one of there
with them full time.  You see very few peole with wrist watches
anymore and no one under 30.

My purpose for getting WWWV is to compare it with GPS time and I hope
maybe learn something about the atmosphere.  Any different in the two
times must be because of the path delay.

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 5:09 AM, mag3 <zmpmag3-ntp at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello all, new to this group. If an FAQ exists, please point me there and
> I'll read up.
> Anyway, things where I live have changed such that I no longer receive
> the radio broadcast time signals from Ft. Collins, Co. etc. etc. My "Atomic"
> wall clocks, even my watches no longer pick it up. My watch does pick up
> the signal when I'm staying elsewhere in the country. I have no issues with
> NTP protocol for my SOHO at home. That works well.  MY PDC picks up the
> NTP signal, and then re-broadcasts it to the other machines via Windows
> Time Service.
> What I'm looking for (and asking the NG), if they exist, are one or both of
> the following:
>        1)      A small, low power "transmitter" device that attaches to your SOHO,
>                receives the NTP signal, and then re-broadcasts it in "radio broadcast"
>                format for all your other atomic clock devices in the house that receive
>                via that signal?
>        2)      Failing the above (and I'd imagine how the US Authorities might have issues
>                with it), then perhaps a set of wall clocks (digital or analog) with either USB
>                or RJ-45 NIC ports that can synchronize directly via NTP signals...  I mean
>                "Cheap" ones, not "Industry Grade" devices in the $1000+ etc. range.
> Pie in the sky, perhaps, but there's no harm in asking...  :-)
> Thanks much.
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> Regards,
> Arnold
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