[ntp:questions] Atomic Signal Transmitter/Repeater???

Steve Kostecke kostecke at ntp.org
Mon Jun 13 19:03:35 UTC 2011

On 2011-06-13, mag3 <zmpmag3-ntp at yahoo.com> wrote:

>1) A small, low power "transmitter" device that attaches to your SOHO,
>receives the NTP signal, and then re-broadcasts it in "radio broadcast"
>format for all your other atomic clock devices in the house that
>receive via that signal?

You'd have to check the legality of this sort of repeater with your
country's equivalent of the FCC.

If you can receive DCF, JJY60, MSF and WWVB you can use this to
rebroadcast it:


Time Signal Generator Shop Floor Booster

TSG100 	TSG100 is a Time Signal Generator especially designed for shops
and exhibition halls. Once started it will automatically receive the
time and transmit the selected signal to syncronize all RC products in a
6m radius.

The external loop antenna connection allow to enlarge the coverage area
up to 50m radius. 

$550 from digikey

NIST suggest this antenna -->

Also see this thread -->

There is also the CHU shortwave time signal from
Canada on 3330 kHz, 7850 kHz and 14670 kHz -->

>2) Failing the above (and I'd imagine how the US Authorities might have
>issues with it), then perhaps a set of wall clocks (digital or analog)
>with either USB or RJ-45 NIC ports that can synchronize directly via
>NTP signals... I mean "Cheap" ones, not "Industry Grade" devices in the
>$1000+ etc. range.

Either of these will acquire the time over a network:


If you're up for a project you could build your own Arduino based SNTP clock
(which polls your local NTP server.)

Starting points:


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