[ntp:questions] ntp server specs

Rob nomail at example.com
Tue Jun 14 18:45:07 UTC 2011

Stephan Skrodzki <skrodzki at stevekist.de> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 14.06.2011, 16:16 +0000 schrieb unruh:
>> On 2011-06-12, chipper <black at intre.nt> wrote:
>> > If I wanted to feed a group of linux machine from a common PPS source, what hardware and which Linux would I need?
>> An amplifier 
>> (or rather impedance matching chip) and some lines (eg 50 ohm cat5
>> cable) to connect the PPS to the various machines
>> Any Linux, with gpsd onthem and ntpd or chrony
> at least gpsd will not work with PPS source only, as it needs also GPS
> information.

That is correct.  When you have only PPS you could use the PPS driver
in ntpd (with a suitable kernel) or search the net for the program

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