[ntp:questions] Cluster NTP configuration

Steve Tryon x77ssiwdo at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 21:17:50 UTC 2011


I have a distributed application that runs across 5 servers and I am trying to determine the best NTP configuration.  I want to have 2 nodes in the cluster sync with external NTP servers and the remaining nodes in the cluster use those 2 in a client-server configuration.  Configuration of those nodes is pretty straight-forward.

My issue is that the 2 servers that will be connected to external NTP references need to stay in sync because they are running an element of the application in active-standby mode.  My question is this: should I configure the 2 cluster time servers as peers or should I have the backup for the application element associate with the primary as a client.

>From my reading, it seems like the literature leans toward peering but I don't know if that provides the greatest degree of assurance that these clocks will stay closely synchronized.

Thanks for your response,
- Steve

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