[ntp:questions] What traffic from pool is normal ?

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Wed Jun 22 00:56:18 UTC 2011

m m wrote:
Rick Jones wrote:
>> unless one has a non-trivial latency in their 10GbE LAN,
>> 1MB or so should be more than sufficient for "link-rate" TCP.
> Not everyone is moving data around a LAN.
> I've had to go way higher than 1MB even with gig-e NICs
>  on the local machine.
> If you're pushing lots of data over an OC-3 WAN link
>  with more than 100ms latency, you need those TCP buffers
>  to be cranked way up to achieve high throughput.

Cue Dave Taht for a lecture on BufferBloat?

> [Not that this is relevant to NTP. . .]

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