[ntp:questions] deterministic failure detection

pilotgeek neald.glyph at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 23:02:27 UTC 2011


I have an application which uses NTP for clock synch.  Each network upon which this application runs has one or more IRIG-B Stratum 1 NTP servers (embedded, not ntpd).  The remaining hosts on the network are synch'd directly to those stratum 1 servers.  All of those hosts are Windows 7 running ntpd 4.2.6 p3.

I would like to be able to predictably have the Windows clients indicate out of synch if they poll and are unable to connect to any of the servers.  Given a network of clients that are up for 10 hrs or so (so their confidence in the servers if high) I am getting varying results.  Some indicate unreachable and drop the asterisk from the tally code.  Others still stay in sys.peer seemingly indefinitely.  I am puzzled as to why this would be the case.

So the question is:  Is there a way to have a running (and currently synchronized) ntpd client stop indicating synch when it can not poll any of its servers?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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