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>> The best source of time IMHO is a GPS Timing Receiver.  Note that GPS
>> Receivers can also be designed for navigation.  For timing service you
>> should take care to get a receiver designed for the purpose!  Either kind
>> necessarily knows what time it is but a receiver designed for Navigation is
>> concerned with latitude, longitude, and elevation and delivering this
>> information.  Delivering accurate time is its lowest priority.
> There is one low-cost GPS receiver board available from China, and its use
> with NTP is  described here:

The Chinese GPS is not bad and the price is only about $35
But for not much more money you can get a nearly state of the art unit
that is made and supported by a US company.
Synergy will selll you an M12M Timing GPS Receiver for about $60.
Look at the specs on the PDF sheet.    This is gross overkill for NTP
but some people use GPS for other purposes

You can get older M12+T units from eBay for about $30 but the much
better performance, US based tech suport, warenty and better
documentation is maybe worth the price.

Chris Albertson
Redondo Beach, California

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