[ntp:questions] ntptime (ntp_gettime) behaviour

Rini van Zetten rini at arvoo.nl
Fri Sep 2 07:48:22 UTC 2011



I'm struggling with the behavior of ntptime.

Let me first explain what i want to reach.
We have an embedded system where we have to log several inputs with timestamp.
The timestamp needs to be within 0,5sec accuracy.

When using ntp version 4.2.2.p3 I use the output of ntptime to see if we can  'trust' the time on the system.

Now i want to upgrade to the newest ntpd (4.2.6p3) because of some issues with dns not available at startup.

But with this new version, ntptime give ok status, even when no ntp server have been ever reachable.

Is this a bug in the new version, or am i misusing the ntptime output. If so, is there a better way of obtaining the time status of my system?



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