[ntp:questions] garmin 18x and linux

Rob nomail at example.com
Fri Sep 2 12:49:16 UTC 2011

Greg Hennessy <greg.hennessy at cox.net> wrote:
> On 2011-09-02, Chris Albertson <albertson.chris at gmail.com> wrote:
>> As I said,  Without a PPS signal you will not get reasonable
>> results.
> I would appreciate advice on solving the problem I have, not buying
> the equipment you wished I have. I don't need microsecond timing. I
> don't need millisecond timing. I have a need to have my clock set to
> about a second, which a NMEA only gps should be able to solve.

You will find (you have found) that by posting on this group, your message
falls into the hands of a small group of people that will either base
all their solutions on much more stringent requirements than you actually
have (e.g. they don't consider using GPS serial messages because it is
not possible to have millisecond precision with that), or they go on an
on about how the requirements you post cannot be achieved at all and should
be relaxed or be realized with atom clocks etc.

This is usually partly the fault of the original poster (who omits requirements
from the question or copies something from an external spec that mentions
microseconds), but it is the fault of the people on this group, who are
"time nuts" and blindly assume that everyone else is one too.

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