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Bill Unruh unruh at physics.ubc.ca
Wed Sep 7 14:56:05 UTC 2011

On Wed, 7 Sep 2011, Miguel Gonçalves wrote:

> On 7 September 2011 05:07, unruh <unruh at physics.ubc.ca> wrote:
>> > I've tried Garmin 18 LVC and Sure. Not want to start a war here but for
>> the
>>> specifications and price Oncore beats both. :-)
>> Beats them how? What measurements have you made of those two units in
>> comparison with the oncore?
>> I am not disputing but would like evidence rather than mystical
>> feelings.
> I have no pretension to be a GPS expert. I am an IT guy and therefore I rely
> on others opinions/tests but
> 1. Oncore (as is Resolution T from Trimble) is a GPS specifically designed
> to do GPS time transfer and has features like position hold and TRAIM. This
> is a fact. I assume (and my rational thinking is usually right) that this
> must be better than a positional GPS receiver that has PPS like Garmin 18
> and Sure. This is my belief... As lawyers in court would put "this is MY
> opinion". Of course, if I don't back my statements with evidence and facts I
> expect people to take what I say with a grain of salt and judge themselves.

And I looked at a paper from 2003 in which the encore was tested against a
survey class/timing gps usnit and found to be 160ns later than tht unit.

> 2. I could buy a lot of gear, study a lot, and prove this, but in my line of
> work I get better things to spend my time on. And even then, Garmin and Sure
> could be as good as Oncore. But even then Oncore was cheaper. Did you really
> expect I would do this?

That is fine, but why then are you saying that it is better? Cheaper, perhaps
( althoubh comparing aftermarket second hand  antennaless  unit price with a
new price seems a bit disingenuous.) I have nothing against the encore. But I
know of nothing for it either except an advertising bunff claim that its
accuracy is far higher than anything I believe possible.

> 3. You could also prove I am wrong. I am not asking you to do this. :-)

Oh come on. You are starting to sound like Fox news-- make any unsupported
outrageous statement and tell others it is up to them to prove you wrong.

> I will stick to 1 and 2.
>> Just my 2c.
>> Is it worth that?
> It's actually worth much more. This is just a typical Internet used
> expression, that I've seen over the last 18 years, when people barge in
> discussions just to add their small contribution.

I have not seen the evidence that, on this topic, it is worth that much. And
when I ask for evidence I get the above.

> Additionally, please bear in mind that not everyone in this list is an
> English native speaker. Being Canadian, you most probably speak English and
> French. I speak them both and also Portuguese (native language). I believe
> that your Portuguese is not as good as my English or French.

?? What does "english speaker" have to do with anything? Yes, I know the
overused phrase. I also know it is ironic (since the speaker almost always
feels that his opinion just expressed is worth far more than that and it is an
attempt at assuming an "aw shucks, look at how humble I am". Which was the
reason for my comment. 
> Cheers,
> Miguel

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