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Miguel Gonçalves mail at miguelgoncalves.com
Wed Sep 7 16:23:55 UTC 2011

Comments bellow...

2011/9/7 Bill Unruh <unruh at physics.ubc.ca>

> On Wed, 7 Sep 2011, Miguel Gonçalves wrote:
>  On 7 September 2011 05:07, unruh <unruh at physics.ubc.ca> wrote:
>>  > I've tried Garmin 18 LVC and Sure. Not want to start a war here but for
>>> the
>>>> specifications and price Oncore beats both. :-)
>>> Beats them how? What measurements have you made of those two units in
>>> comparison with the oncore?
>>> I am not disputing but would like evidence rather than mystical
>>> feelings.
>> I have no pretension to be a GPS expert. I am an IT guy and therefore I
>> rely
>> on others opinions/tests but
>> 1. Oncore (as is Resolution T from Trimble) is a GPS specifically designed
>> to do GPS time transfer and has features like position hold and TRAIM.
>> This
>> is a fact. I assume (and my rational thinking is usually right) that this
>> must be better than a positional GPS receiver that has PPS like Garmin 18
>> and Sure. This is my belief... As lawyers in court would put "this is MY
>> opinion". Of course, if I don't back my statements with evidence and facts
>> I
>> expect people to take what I say with a grain of salt and judge
>> themselves.
> And I looked at a paper from 2003 in which the encore was tested against a
> survey class/timing gps usnit and found to be 160ns later than tht unit.

I thought Oncore (not encore) was a timing GPS unit. I might be wrong. But
wait... NO! It is a timing unit.

>> 2. I could buy a lot of gear, study a lot, and prove this, but in my line
>> of
>> work I get better things to spend my time on. And even then, Garmin and
>> Sure
>> could be as good as Oncore. But even then Oncore was cheaper. Did you
>> really
>> expect I would do this?
> That is fine, but why then are you saying that it is better? Cheaper,
> perhaps
> ( althoubh comparing aftermarket second hand  antennaless  unit price with
> a
> new price seems a bit disingenuous.) I have nothing against the encore. But
> I
> know of nothing for it either except an advertising bunff claim that its
> accuracy is far higher than anything I believe possible.

Call it advertising... Believe what you want. I believe in a unit that was
tested at USNO and is still today used worldwide by reputable entities. Want
to know which ones? Use Google!

>> 3. You could also prove I am wrong. I am not asking you to do this. :-)
> Oh come on. You are starting to sound like Fox news-- make any unsupported
> outrageous statement and tell others it is up to them to prove you wrong.

I don't watch Fox News. What I am saying is that everyone should use logic
and reason against everything that is thrown at them. Some people do but
recently I've seen that a lot of people that don't. It's easier. I also
expect that people in this list have huge amounts of logic and reasoning and
will judge all the opinions to come to a solution.

> I will stick to 1 and 2.
>>  Just my 2c.
>>> Is it worth that?
>> It's actually worth much more. This is just a typical Internet used
>> expression, that I've seen over the last 18 years, when people barge in
>> discussions just to add their small contribution.
> I have not seen the evidence that, on this topic, it is worth that much.
> And
> when I ask for evidence I get the above.
>> Additionally, please bear in mind that not everyone in this list is an
>> English native speaker. Being Canadian, you most probably speak English
>> and
>> French. I speak them both and also Portuguese (native language). I believe
>> that your Portuguese is not as good as my English or French.
> ?? What does "english speaker" have to do with anything? Yes, I know the
> overused phrase. I also know it is ironic (since the speaker almost always
> feels that his opinion just expressed is worth far more than that and it is
> an
> attempt at assuming an "aw shucks, look at how humble I am". Which was the
> reason for my comment.

You assume too much. When I say "A" I mean "A", not something else. I am not
being ironic. So please don't say things I didn't say. And "English speaker"
is so you don't think I am being ironic. Got it?

For me this discussion has ended. I have better things to do. I also agree
with Chris, go and read the papers.


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