[ntp:questions] Unable to synchronise meinberg ntp server to clients.

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Thu Sep 15 20:32:04 UTC 2011

Samuel Nyarko wrote:
> I am currently working on time synchronisation in wireless sensor
> networks. I am using meinberg ntp software but i am having some small

Meinberg do not supply the software you are using, they only supply the 
installer.  The software is owned by the University of Delaware.

> # your local system clock, should be used as a backup
> # (this is only useful if you need to distribute time no matter how
> good or bad it is)
> server

This is misleading.  The local system clock WILL be used as a backup 
(and to interpolate between polls). should only be used if 
the bit in parentheses really is true.  Sometimes setting this can 
prevent ntpd locking onto a real server.

> restrict

With classless routing, this could be a host, but it is unlikely.

> # Please note that you need at least four different servers to be at
> least protected against
> #peer
> #restrict mask nomodify notrap noquery
> server

What does /24 mean?

> restrict mask nomodify notrap noquery
> server 0.fi.pool.ntp.org minipoll 10 iburst

Mis-spelled keyword.

> server 1.fi.pool.ntp.org minpoll 10 iburst

The mistake most people make is setting minpoll too low.  This is too high.

> State	Remote		Refid	Stratum	Type		When	Poll	Reach	Delay	Offset	Jitter
>  	LOCAL(1)		LOCL	12	Local clock	11	64	007	0.000	0.000	0.001
>	2	Unicast server	9	64	007
> 0.779	-16.005	3.750

ntpd hasn't been up long enough, or has had a recent time step.

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