[ntp:questions] [META] Excessively long lines in postings (was: Unable to synchronise meinberg ntp server to clients.)

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Fri Sep 16 07:19:19 UTC 2011

Chuck Swiger wrote:

> No, my return key works fine.  $WORK obligates me to use a MUA which supports i18n well, by which I don't mean UTF-8 and ISO-Latin-1, but various UTF-16 encodings like Big5/GBK and ISO-2022-JP.  Unfortunately, Mail.app no longer implements the format=flowed MIME Content-type.

If you know that your client doesn't support paragraph wrapping, you 
should make sure that you wrap manually.  If it doesn't use 
format=flowed, it is simply compensating for the sender's very long 
lines when it wraps on display.  In internet mail and Usenet, a long 
line is a long line, not a paragraph.

(Unfortunately, this problem is almost as old as GUI mail user agents. 
Their authors didn't read the standards.)

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