[ntp:questions] Garmin 18 LVC high offset and jitter

Rob van der Putten rob at sput.nl
Tue Sep 20 08:38:39 UTC 2011

Hi there

Miguel Gonçalves wrote:

> Found out what the problem is...
> The device has definetely lost its configuration but isn't able to keep the
> saved configuration.
> I went to the configuration software and used the option "Get Configuration
> from GPS" then changed the PPS length to 200 ms then "Send Configuration to
> GPS". When I do it again it stays at 20 ms.
> I have an unusable GPS on the roof. :-(
> Can anyone help please?

Use minicom to configure the Garmin.
Tell NTPD not to send any data to the Garmin.
Furthermore, check the data it's sends. Disable sentences you don't 
need. See;

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