[ntp:questions] RFC section 7.4 b. wording seems off for the desired action.

jnixon at brocade.com jnixon at brocade.com
Thu Sep 29 21:32:13 UTC 2011

>From the RFC 5905 (Jun 2010)
7.4. The Kiss-o’-Death Packet
If the Stratum field is 0, which implies unspecified or invalid, the
Reference Identifier field can be used to convey messages useful for
status reporting and access control. These are called Kiss-o’-Death
(KoD) packets and the ASCII messages they convey are called kiss
codes. The KoD packets got their name because an early use was to
tell clients to stop sending packets that violate server access
controls. The kiss codes can provide useful information for an
intelligent client, either NTPv4 or SNTPv4. Kiss codes are encoded
in four-character ASCII strings that are left justified and zero
filled. The strings are designed for character displays and log
files. A list of the currently defined kiss codes is given in
Figure 13. Recipients of kiss codes MUST inspect them and, in the
following cases, take these actions:
a. For kiss codes DENY and RSTR, the client MUST demobilize any
associations to that server and stop sending packets to that
b. For kiss code RATE, the client MUST immediately reduce its
polling interval to that server and continue to reduce it each
time it receives a RATE kiss code.
c. Kiss codes beginning with the ASCII character "X" are for
unregistered experimentation and development and MUST be ignored
if not recognized.
d. Other than the above conditions, KoD packets have no protocol
significance and are discarded after inspection.

For list item  b.  (RATE code) action the way I understand it, if the
client is at a poll of 2^6 (64 seconds ) upon receiving a RATE code
from the server and reduce it to polling interval of the server
(something less or equal to then 2^5 or 40 seconds), and continue
reducing it for each subsequent RATE message till the minimum poll
interval of 2^4 (16 seconds) is reached. This would result in the
client polling the server more often, and continuing to exceed the
rate would it not?

Should list item b. instead read "For the kiss code RATE, the client
MUST immediately increase its polling interval to that of the server,
and continue to increase it each time it  receives a RATE kiss code."?

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