[ntp:questions] where is the most authoritative NTP documentation?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 3 00:56:29 UTC 2012

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BlackLists wrote:
> Alby VA wrote:
>> Aside from the most authoritative NTP Docs,
>>    where is an NTP 101 Doc on understand the basics?
>>   Not specially with running NTP, but with grasping
>>    time concepts, PPS, Stratum-0 Devices, etc?
>>   In short, where are the Cliff Notes
>>    on the Ph.D lecture of Time and Time tracking devices?
> <http://www.amazon.com/Computer-Network-Time-Synchronization-Protocol/dp/1439814635>
>   Has Sections on "Basic Concepts" and "How NTP Works".
>    {Although I found "In the Belly of the Beast"
>     (algorithm descriptions) more interesting.}
> A quick google finds:
> <http://www.time-synchronisation.co.uk/ntp-server-time-synchronisation-for-dummies/>

Professor David Mills has written a book on NTP, which he more or less 
invented.  It's a text intended for a college course and fairly 
expensive.  I get the idea that a background in control systems theory 
might be a big help in understanding NTP.

If you just want to install it and keep a bunch of computers marching to 
the beat of an "atomic clock" somewhere, that's what it's for!

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